For The Phantom of the Opera

“Tim Martin-Gleason as Raoul, and Julie Hanson as Christine Daae, made a great team in "All I Ask of You." perfect as the earnest ingénue who is learning her craft from the creepy, but adoring Phantom.”-Channing Gray, Journal Arts Writer- Providence, RI

“Hanson plays Christine beautifully, amazing the audience with her larger-than-life voice...” -Jeremy Steele, The State News- East Lansing, MI

“...And as the sensitive yet self-possessed Christine, Julie Hanson creates an engaging and likeable character. Her whole body plays the part, infusing good posture and poise into her convincing portrayal. In addition to her graceful manner and crisp operatic singing voice, other perks of her performance include terrific chemistry with both Raul and the Phantom and a beautiful and poignant rendition of "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.” -Abigail Newman, Brown Daily Herald- Providence, RI

For State Fair:

“Julie Hanson stands out as the charming daughter, and she uses her lovely voice with great craft and feeling.” - KDHX St. Louis

“Julie Hanson demonstrates her notable voice as Margy on the recognizable tune, “It Might As Well Be Spring,” and shows fine acting ability as well.” -Ladue News

For Emma:

“In one of the evening’s funniest moments, gorgeous Julie Hanson puts her big voice to perfect use as her character, Jane Fairfax, decisively bests Emma in a nineteenth-century version of a battle of the bands”.  -Robert Boyd of Talkin’ Broadway

For West Side Story:

“Hanson shines in her final moments on stage as Maria. She is powerful and moving as a desperate woman...another outstanding performance is ‘A Boy Like That/I Have a Love,’ where Anita and Maria have an argument after the death of Bernardo.” - The Dominion Post

For Carousel:

“Not long after the curtain goes up on Carousel at the Walnut Street Theatre, when the petite Julie Hanson begins to sing ‘If I Loved You’ like a songbird at sunrise, you know it’s going to be a really good night.”- Howard Shapiro, Philadelphia Enquirer

“With a beautiful voice, she had the audience hanging on to her every word and movement. Graceful and poised, she gave an amazing performance.”- Campus Philly

“Julie Hanson (Julie) and Jeffrey Coon (Billy) top the list of reasons to set a date to see this production. Clear and remarkably powerful, their voices take a tale with dated traditions and ancient lingo and transport it to the present with most effective skill.” -Don James, EDGE Philadelphia

“Julie Hanson’s Julie Jordan grows from an innocent, infatuated girl to a woman with strength as she fills the theatre with her glistering soprano voice.”- Juniata News, Philadelphia

For Meet Me in St. Louis:

“While Hanson was no Judy Garland, she didn’t have to be-- the talented actress enchanted the audience by turning in one of the best vocal performances of the night.”

  1. -Jim Campbell, The Vital Voice

“STAGES has found a winner in Julie Hanson who plays Esther, in love with ‘the boy next door’. Her sweet and winsome ways are only outdone by her pure and angelic singing voice.”- Steve Allen, KFUO